Hello and welcome! My goal with this post is to inform you of the new direction my website is taking. Right now I’m deep into my winter season and won’t be making any changes until summer hits. However, here is the plan for the changes coming this summer!

I’m getting rid of my store

There will be no more isaacfreeland.com/shop. Why? I’m trying to inspire you! Not run a store. For those who are interested in what gear I use I will be creating a web page that will outline what I use and trust from the backcountry to the resort and even into the summer. It will have affiliate links so that you can support my endeavors while also getting the gear you need to have the best time possible on and off the mountain!

I’m bringing back the blog

I’m going to become more active on this blog. Nothing crazy, I’m not turning into an article writer. There are stories I’d like to tell behind the scenes of some of my adventures that accompany the videos I post. It’ll be short and fun. If you want emails then subscribe!


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Freeski Arnica is coming to an end

I’ve had a wonderful time working with Blue Harvest on Freeski Arnica and I’m thankful to have had the unique opportunity to create my own topical cream with such an awesome team. Unfortunately, Blue Harvest as a brand is changing focus and there will be no more Freeski Arnica production. Whatever’s left is all there is. If you loved the product then get your orders in ASAP!!! It goes without saying I’ve stocked up myself!! It’s on sale till they’re out of stock at $40 a pop.


Sego Ski Co. has a spring sale going on

Get some skis at a discount during the Sego Ski Co. spring sale!

The Sego Comps (my pro model) will be undergoing some slight modifications for next year’s production. The tail will be getting beefed up just a touch to make what I think is the best Sego Comp ever! Although, if you like the ski as is and don’t want the area behind the heel piece to be any stiffer then you should put an order in now.


The Big Horns are reaming unchanged for next season. If you are planning on getting a pair next year, why not get a pair on sale now?


If you made it this far, congrats! Thanks for tuning in and have a good one!

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