Isaac Freeland’s Road to Recovery x Freeski Arnica

#1 – Introduction In the US there are roughly 8.6 million sports-related injuries each year (US Department of Health) Odds are you’ve probably had an injury. Isaac trained all offseason, implementing innovative workouts, like parkour, to keep his ski legs strong and ready to defend his crown on the FWT. In Engelberg Switzerland, while preparing for the @freerideworldtour,  @isaacfreeski had a miscalculated landing that tore his meniscus and ACL. Our goal is to inspire others to live active, healthy lifestyles, But… Unfortunately, the likelihood of injury increases when playing sports It’s the chance we take to pursue what we love. Isaac’s surgery 2 weeks ago was successful and when we caught up with him he explained his mindset by paraphrasing the legend Jeremy Jones – Don’t waste an injury. In other words, use injuries as a positive, a time to reflect, recenter, and get stronger. Follow @isaacfreeland as we detail his road to recovery ? #RecoverLikeAPro #PracticebeforePlay […]

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